Baseline EEDI curves have been proposed at IMO (ex: IMO document GHG-WG 2/2/7 and MEPC 60/4/14) based on analysis of existing ships. As all data required for calculation of the EEDI is not available from the existing ship databases, simplifying assumptions were made to facilitate the baseline calculations.  ABS and HEC have jointly conducted a study in whichstandard” ship designs were developed for tankers, containerships, and LNG carriers over a range of ship sizes.  Highly efficient hull performance and modern power plants are assumed.  By evaluating the baselines for tankers, LNG carriers, and containerships utilizing the “standard” ships, this study provides the attained EEDI that can be achieved with well-designed newbuildings prior to application of innovative technologies.  As such, they serve as an effective metric for validating the proposed EEDI baselines.  This report summarizes the findings from this study, which were submitted to SNAME T&R Ad Hoc Panel 18 tasked with investigating the EEDI.  The results were summarized into document MEPC 60/4/33 which has been submitted to IMO for consideration. Click here to read the EEDI article.