Representative Engineering Projects


  • Performed detailed finite element analysis of oil production platform for life extension maintenance

  • Analyzed cause and developed modifications to resolve rudder horn cracking

  • Designed modifications for fixed container securing systems for multi-height containers and for change to lashing securing system

  • Used FEA to determined fatigue life for proprietary LNG tank design considering loads and accelerations from ship motions analysis

  • Evaluated passenger ship structural survivability and ultimate strength

  • Provided top-level review and recommendations for design loads for flexible break bulk cargo securing system, including factor of safety and ultimate strength criteria

  • Prepared preliminary design of hull structure and Finite Element Analysis of midship section for multipurpose naval supply vessel

  • Conducted grounding damage assessment and survey, and prepared repair plan and specification


  • Prepared stability evaluations for passenger vessels considering change in mandated passenger weights

  • Helped cruise ship owner evaluate tank arrangement for a new vessel class to maximize voyage loading flexiblity

  • Provided on-site engineering support for float-out of deep draft vessel from graving dock to ensure critical clearances were maintained accounting for changing tides, air-bag floatation failure, structural block removal and hull girder deflections

  • Prepared Emergency Towing Procedure booklets and performed supporting strength assessments of fittings

  • Prepared Ballast Water Management Plans

  • Conducted deadweight surveys and inclining tests

  • Prepared T&S booklets, Grain Stability manuals, and Cargo Securing manuals

  • Calculated damage stability for regulatory compliance


  • Prepared Instructional video on Parametric Rolling for P&I Club

  • Evaluated motions and accelerations of a barge to determine design loads for barge mounted crane and container securing systems

  • Assessed motions of large, deep draft vessels transiting the San Francisco Bar Channel in heavy weather to determine acceptable under keel clearances as a function of weather and sea state.


  • Developed casualty scenarios for rapid response training exercises and consulted on damage assessments

  • Conducted ultimate strength analysis of tankers for owner to better understand residual strength in case of a casualty

  • Developed a quantitative methodology for evaluating structural designs in the case of accidental damage (D4S and PRADS 2007 papers)

  • Provided expert witness support to owner for vessel sinking


  • Wrote a Technical Advisory on scrubbers for marine engines evaluating installation and operating issues

  • Evaluated machinery and system modifications necessary to burn 700cSt fuel on ship designed for 380cSt HFO

  • Prepared cargo system piping design for FSO conversion

  • Designed modifications for adapting a product tanker to new Annex II NLS Cargoes

  • Prepared design drawings and specifications for fuel transfer and service systems in advance of operation on low viscosity fuels in the new ECA zones

  • Performed ballast water treatment system installation design and provided design assistance and system evaluations to treatment developers

  • Designed tank and system modifications to provide grey water storage capacity to help comply with new discharge limits

  • Teamed with owner to evaluate options for providing alternative marine power (cold Ironing), prepared specifications, provided vessel integration engineering for electrical vendors and facilitated regulatory approvals

  • Provided marine vessel design consulting for terminal air emission remediation

  • Developed replacement plan and specification for a tanker’s Alarm & Monitoring System

  • Performed design engineering and installation design for steering gear replacement on class of RoRo vessels

  • Multiple projects for machinery piping systems modifications

  • Performed studies and prepared designs to ‘re-engine’ the main propulsion system

  • Performed design and installation engineering for auxiliary boiler replacements

  • Prepared ballast and mooring system mechanical design for floating flood control gate


  • Conducted market and cargo volume assessments for MARAD’s American Marine Highways program (2010-2011) in order to develop vessel service and performance requirements

  • Performed study of carbon footprint and transport efficiency of Asia – U.S. container services and compared alternative route options for deliveries to the US East Coast.  Routes studied included the widened Panama Canal, Suez Canal, and US West Coast with rail across the United States.