Using laser scanning technology HEC can quickly and accurately document the as-built condition of almost any complex structure. 

With 120m range and +/-2mm accuracy (at 60m) the laser scanner captures full x,y,z coordinate information for a fine grid (or cloud) of points on every surface it can ‘see’ with its infrared eye.  It also records color digital panoramic photo images with each scan.   By taking multiple scans from different locations the combined data can be a useful reference for large objects.

This scanning process will reshape how you think about ship checks and dimensional control.  Here are just a few ways HEC applies this technology:

  • Digitial documentation of engine rooms, deck/hatch/hold layouts, and mooring arrangements for archiving dimensional information and color panoramic images.
  • Document damage and provide information for repair specifications and Class review.
  • Block and module dimensional tolerance checking for shipyards – scan the block and match to production drawings.
  • Perform dimensional control on the full height of container cell guides with a single scan.
  • Check access for installation of new equipment in engine rooms and prepare 3D installation plans.
  • Check as-built dimensions of cargo tanks and prepare standard ullage/volume tables to the API standard.