NSMV Video Visualisation

19-Sept-15 Side on Aft Global.png

(Annapolis, MD) To help visualise the purpose and design of the National Security Multi-Mission Vessel (NSMV), MARAD commissioned a video showcasing the capabilities of the vessel, and putting into context the urgent need for both cadet training and disaster relief.

A highlights version of the video was produced that focused on the design aspects of the vessel:

The full length version may be found below:

Videos produced by D3DD Studio


(Annapolis, MD)  HEC has completed the concept design of the new National Security Multi-mission Vessel (NSMV) for the U.S. Maritime Administration. The vessel is intended to be the common design for the new training ships for the five state maritime academies in the US to replace the existing older vessels. It will have state of the art diesel electric propulsion, twin engine rooms for safety and for teaching purposes (one engine room running and the other for teaching), accommodations for up to 600 cadets and 100 operating crew, faculty and support staff. Extensive classrooms, training workshops and lab space is provided to give cadets the latest in teaching tools and technology.

The vessels are also outfitted to act as command and support vessels for emergency response and humanitarian assistance, like what was done by the existing training vessels for hurricanes Katrina and Sandy and for the Haiti earthquake. For this purpose the vessels can expand the number of persons accommodated onboard and is provided with RoRo cargo space, cargo crane and deck space for containers and special modules.