Wreck Removal of SE Panthea

HEC Presentation at Salvage & Wreck Asia 2018

HEC Director Rob Tagg will present “Wreck Removal of the SE Panthea” on September 26th at 11:20 am during the Salvage & Wreck Asia 2018 Conference in Singapore. The innovative technical lessons learned will be revealed through a description of the wreck removal based on the SE Panthea’s unique conditions. Matt Zheng of Zhengli Offshore Salvage and Engineering will join him in addressing casualty operation and management for the wreck removal.


The bulk carrier SE Panthea was beached by typhoon Hatto on August 23, 2017 on a small unmanned island in the Pearl River Estuary between Macau and Hong Kong. Initially all pumpable bunkers were removed, followed by the cargo, hatch covers, tween decks, cranes and anchors & chain. The conditions of the hard aground position from beaching at high tide and the typhoon storm surge informed our strategy to separate and remove the wreck by in 9 blocks by 1200 ton floating crane.

After removing the accommodation and engine room sections, we formed a new plan to remove the forebody refloating as a single section. We used a combination of dewatering the intact spaces and pressurizing damaged some double bottom and wing tank spaces, along with additional bow lift from the floating crane.

The forebody was successfully refloated at high tide on January 29th 2018 and was towed to a nearby submersible heavy lift barge for scrapyard transport.

Hope to see you there on the 26th!
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