600 FEU Reefer Design

General Plan-3.jpg

Container ship and reefer design have featured prominently in the history of HEC. We were heavily involved in the development of the open hatch container ship concept and the accompanying US and IMO regulations. HEC was also instrumental in the creation of the modern cross lashing securing system and the lashing bridge concept. Long-time customers include Matson, Sea-Land, Horizon, and APL where we participated in the design of the first post-panamax container ship.

Recently, a customer asked us to provide a design for a 600 FEU fully containerized reefer vessel. The worldwide reefer fleet has an average age of around 25 years, and while under pressure from conventional container ships fitted with reefer plugs, the segment still provides shorter transits and direct routings.

The ship is designed to carry 600 forty foot, 28 tonnes, reefer containers with a deadweight of around 19000 tonnes. Service speed of 20 knots is achieved with installed power of only 13,625 kW. Attained EEDI meets phase II requirements.

General Plan-3.jpg

The design was provided with a range of options:

A - Gantry cranes rather than jib cranes

B - Vertical Bow for improved wave resistance

C - Rudder & Propeller Hub Efficiency devices

D - Underdeck water cooled or refrigerated hold

E - Dual fuel engine and LNG Ready

F - Exhaust Gas scrubber

Other capacities and configurations are available and a datasheet is available on request.