(Alameda, CA)  HEC has carried out innovative work across the broad range of issues involved with adopting the use of LNG fuel in ships.  Concept and bidding designs with specifications have been prepared for several LNG fueled vessel designs.  We assisted ABS with the preparation of their Technical Advisory on LNG Bunkering.  HEC has provide plan approval and technical assistance to owners building LNG ready vessels.  HEC has analyzed the design and cost issues related to fuel selection in the new ECA era including fuel choices MGO, HFO with scrubbers and LNG fuel.  Our white paper presenting the results of this analysis is available here. As the cost of fuel has been changing the lowest cost fuel choice has been changing, pointing to the fact that careful engineering and cost analysis should be carried out before any owner makes a fuel choice commitment as the cost differences can be significant and vary by vessel type and service. HEC has made several presentations to technical and shipping conferences on the impacts of LNG fuel on ship design. The impacts may be more than some owners expect.