(Annapolis, MD)  HEC provided the installation design and obtained the class approvals for the Ecochlor ballast water treatment installation on the U.S. flag car carrier GREEN BAY for LMS Shipmanagement.  This was the first of series of similar ballast water treatment systems designs being carried out by HEC for additional car cars, bulk carriers, and ATB barges for the same client. 


HEC used laser scanning technology to develop a 3-D model of the engine room and deck spaces where the new equipment will be installed. Having the 3-D model greatly facilitated new equipment and piping installation design making it possible for new piping and equipment foundations to be prefabricated with confidence, knowing it will fit and be free of interferences.  This expedited the design and installation, allowing the installation to be done with the vessel in service using riding teams.

 This same technology can be used on all kinds of vessels and is particularly useful for retrofitting ballast water treatment systems in cramped existing engine rooms.