Salvage Response

Our firm provides a range of salvage services built around our highly capable HECSALVTM salvage engineering software. These include:

Real-time salvage engineering support

  • Rapid modeling of ships utilizing our international network of offices to provide round the clock data entry
  • Unique access to HECSALVTM macro capabilities and internal code for custom tools to analyze unusual situations
  • Offices located in Asian, East and West Coast US, and European time zones to provide in person support when it is needed

Assist Owners/Operators set up their in-house casualty response resources

  • Training in ship and platform modeling
  • Training in salvage engineering
  • Off site database backups

Prepare casualty drill scenarios for response simulations

  • Assist in developing realistic drills
  • Adapt “truth” in real time to changing situations as drill progresses

Determine most probable cause of the sinking

Prepare Place of Refuge decision methodology