Environmental Performance

HEC is in the forefront in supporting the maritime community in the analysis of the environmental impact of ships and in the development of practical solutions to reduce these impacts.  Our experienced staff works with our owner/operator clients to improve the design and operational performance of their vessels so that they can be fully environmentally compliant in a cost effective way.  We have developed good working relationships with Ports, State and Federal agencies, and environmental groups as we have helped foster an understanding of the shipping industry and brought sound engineering assessment to the complex environmental problems that need to be addressed.  We are also engaged directly with the International Maritime Organization, the United States Coast Guard, ASTM, the US National Research Council and the American Bureau of Shipping on environmental issues.   Our staff’s expertise extends across many sectors of the marine industry and can provide guidance and design support on all the relevant issues.

Whether you desire an assessment of your current environmental performance, an evaluation of the impact of pending regulations on your operations, or simply wish to reduce your fuel consumption and emissions, HEC can provide the requisite engineering support.


Fuel Efficiency Improvements

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Emission Control Areas and Fuel Switching

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Water Discharge Restrictions

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