Corporate Officers and Managers

Robert Tagg - Chairman HEC Group of Companies
Spencer Schilling, P.E. - President HEC
Eugene van Rynbach - Vice President and Manager Annapolis Office
John Paulling, P.E. - Vice President and Manager Offshore Design Services
Colin Moore, Ph.D. - Manager Advanced Analysis and Salvage Engineering
Karl Briers, P.E. - Manager Marine Engineering Services
John Zhang - General Manager, Herbert Engineering Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Luca Letizia, Ph.D. - Managing Director, Herbert Engineering Europe (UK) Ltd.
Edwin Pang, CEng - Business Development Director

Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

Peter Zink - Principal, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
Jesse Senkel, P.E. - Senior Marine Engineering and Naval Architect
Courtney Crouse - Senior Naval Architect
Cameron Baker, P.E. - Senior Marine Engineer and Naval Architect
Ying Mei, P.E. - Project Engineer, Naval Architect
Dale Pederson - Project Engineer, Naval Architect  (HEE)
Nicholas DelGatto - Project Engineering, Marine Engineer and Naval Architect
Panos Roussos - Project Engineer, Naval Architect (HEE)
Conor O’Sullivan - Staff Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
Alex Hanford - Staff Naval Architect and Marine Engineer

Designers / Drafters

Michael D. Strange - Senior Design Drafter
Richard Payne - Senior Design Drafter
Cameron Bellamy - Design Drafter


Ada Cheung - Director/Office Manager
Sonja Bruhns - Administrative Assistant
George Pedrick - Network Administrator